21 Skillz

Not limited to 21st Century Skills but Much More ...

21 Skills - Advantages

Working 'ON' Yourself

90% of the businesses fail in the first 2 to 3 years. This is just because of the fact that all degree / diploma programs are concentrated to teach the business owners "How to work 'IN' the business?". However, there is no program that focuses upon "How to work 'ON' the business?".

The business owners are neither trained to get advice from professionals nor acquainted to consult the consultants. 70% of the business owners either do not have access to the right consultant or not ready to follow someone due to competitive and hiding temperament developed in Schools and Colleges.

This program will enhance your skills those are required to Work 'ON' Yourself - your Business or your Job.

What you don't know, that you don't know.

During childhood, we have had so many unanswered questions, whereas these question either remained unanswered or have been forgotten with the passage of time.

We can create a list of 'What We Know' - Answered Questions and 'What We Don't Know' - Unanswered Questions, however, we will never be able to create a list of the questions that are not known to us.

This program will not answer the questions already known to you, however, will give you more questions.

Enhancing your 'CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE'

We have a Circle of Concern (COC). And, we have a Circle of Influence (COI) too which is subset of COC. With the passage of time the COI either keeps on shrinking or COC keeps on expanding for many of us.

This program focuses on expanding your Circle of Influence.


  • Education for Today's Future
  • Empowering the Learners
  • Opening up lessons
  • Thinking outside the classroom box
  • Personalized program
  • Tapping into learner’s digital expertise
  • Real world experiences
  • Expecting & helping learners to be mentors
  • Helping & expecting mentors to be learners
  • Working with families, not just learners
  • Measuring what exactly matters


World Class  Education

These soft skills are not only required for local or national businesses, however, these are highly mandatory skills when it comes to Global Businesses.

Helping Attitude

You will get friends who will PULL/PUSH YOU UP rather than PUSH/PULL YOU DOWN. You will learn and grow Collaboration and Cooperation Skills to achieve desired results.

Passive Income

You are learning 'WORKING for Money' in Schools or Colleges. These skills focus on 'NOT WORKING for Money'. This way when you will apply and learn these skills during the training program only, you will get Passive Income.

From 40-40-40 to 4-4-4

The 20th Century Education System always focused on 40-40-40 race and i.e., - You earn livelihood only using minimum 40% of your potential, investing minimum 40 hours per week and working for at least 40 years of life.

The 21 Skills program empowers you for a 4-4-4 race i.e., You get a Massive Success by using just 4% of your potential, investing just 4 hours in a week and working for only 4 years of Life.